Y3 and Y4 link governor visits

Mrs Stanley and Mrs Goodwin, visited Class 2 this morning to undertake their link governor visit. They talked to the pupils in their year groups about their learning and progress. They will feedback to the rest of the Governing body through their visit reports.
Both Governors were impressed with the quality of work pupils are producing and the very high standards. They thought the behaviour of pupils was excellent.


Planning meeting

Mrs Henshaw, Mrs Goodwin and Mrs Stanley met this morning to plan together and to monitor the effectiveness of governance at school.
Rev. Mark came into school and spent some time with his linked class, Year 5, to see how they all are. He enjoyed being part of the guided reading and literacy lessons.

Governors committee meeting.

The Pupils, Personnel and Strategic Development (PPSD) committee of the Governing body met today. It was a full agenda and after discussing the staffing structure, provision for extended school days, admission numbers and the school building, they managed to ratify the Gifted and Talented Policy and SEND Policy updates! Thank you to the Chair, Rev. Mark for making sure we finished on time for our parent Governors and yourself, to the baptism!