The Governors’ link roles in school

The photos of most of the Governing Board members have now been uploaded onto the blogsite.
Each Governor is linked to a 2016/17 year group, they stay linked to that cohort of pupils as they move through school yeaar on yeaar so that Governors, as school leaders, can carefully track their progress.
The Governors are linked as below
FS1’s link Governor is Mrs Sykes
FS2 is Mark Cantrill
Year 1 is Adam Tasker
Year 2 is Maria Cocksedge
Year 3 is Sharon Balmer
Year 4 is Roger Smith
Year 5 is Sally Henshaw and Kelly Lamb
Year 6 is Rachel Smith

As an Associate Governor, Elizabeth Stanley is not currently linked to a year group. She continues to support Governors providing them with lots of useful advice, information and guidance.

Link Governors visit pupils in their year group every term and try, whenever possible, to attend performances they are in or accompany them on visits. They closely monitor their progress adn welll being, ensuring that their ccohort of pupils receives the best education possible.

The Autumn Term Full Governors Board Meeting – 24/11/16

The FGB meeting took place on Thursday evening. During the meeting Janice Sykes, a new Co-opted member, was voted onto the board and Kelly Lamb, a new parent governor was also welcomed.
The meeting’s rigorous agenda ensured that it ran smoothly. Display minutes will be available to read by the school office after they have been approved by the Chair, Sharon Balmer.