Parents Forum Notes 4 October

Thank you to everyone that attended the latest Parents Forum. The next forum will be held at 2.30pm following parent feedback.

Communication –

Parents liked the multiple ways in which school communicate with some voicing that they like information to be sent in paper format and others preferred email. Therefore, with regards to the newsletter, it was agreed to keep sending via email and paper copies would be provided to those who don’t receive emails

Suggestions to improve communication –

Could the information whiteboard be better positioned (nearer the entrance gate) so that all parents can see, some forget to check it with children in early years or early birds/night owls.
Could we have a box in the playground to drop off letter reply slips as often these are returned in book bags but some don’t make it to the office
Could we put a copy of the calendar of events in the planner moving forward
Most people present said they preferred Facebook to Twitter.

I have passed these suggestions on to Mrs Hall and these will be reviewed with staff.

Parents stated that they liked the school reports and weren’t bothered by the “belated” information about age related goals as this gave them some idea about how far their children had progressed from the beginning of the year. Parents felt that the parents evening was a good place to ask questions and to chat about their children’s well being.


Further update around uniform was discussed. Governors suggested that children could wear PE kits on very hot days and this was greeted positively. It was also asked if the uniform company were going to be in school again for sizing? I have asked Mrs Hall if they would they be able to attend on a parents evening so that parents not available in the day time could see the uniform.

The update in Clays Contact around the proposed building work was raised and Governors clarified that Notts County Council was driving this work and that whilst this had been agreed by the Parish Council we were still waiting for planning permission to be put in.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the next forum on 30 November – this will be held at 2.30pm in the school hall

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