Linked Send governor visit to school 

On Friday afternoon, SEND governor, Kimberly Goodwin, visited school to review Sen provision.  She met with myself as Special Needs Coordinator and we discussed the changes to Sen requirements this year and how they are impacting on provision.  We also reviewed strategies that are place for identifying pupils who need additional support and how their progress is monitored through the year.  The importance of parents and school working in close partnership to enable pupils to succeed was identified as important. 

We will meet again next term to ensure that SEN pupils continue to make good progress. 

Author: Mrs Hall

Headteacher at North Wheatley Primary School

One thought on “Linked Send governor visit to school ”

  1. Thank you for spending the time to help me understand the changes to SEN policy and how it affects our pupils. I ws surprised to learn that as a school we do not receive any additional funding to support pupils with additional needs. It was reassuring to understand how pupils are monitored to ensure they make outstanding progress and that vulnerable pupils are identified early and receive additional support where needed.

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